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About Us
Why We Created The Ultimate Gallery of Corvette Photos was founded as a campanion site to as an after-thought than really having any preconceived purpose.

One day a few of us were discussing what to do with over 600 megs of Corvette pictures we have archived from our classified ads system. It seemed like a shame to just discard them, especially since we had them cross referenced to year, body style, color and special edition.

Such an archive, we reasoned, may become a resource for restorers. If you have visited recently you may know that we are in the process of restoring a 1979 Coupe. As the discussions turned to what the interior and exterior color the Coupe should become, we began looking through ad photos to help us decide what the new color combination should be.

The bottom line though is that Corvettes are beautiful pieces on wheels. And when you've got over 8,000 pictures of them, you put them out there for others to view.

So we decided to share our Corvette pictures with you.


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